Cool Birthday, Jenn

Just reflecting on one my many past lives haha

On my 18th birthday, my first thought upon waking up was “guess I’m not taking my driving test today haha.” I had to think “haha” because “lol” had not been invented yet, it was a dark time. Instead of waking up at home, prepared to show the state of New Jersey that I was ready for the road, I was waking up in the Macintosh Inn of East Brunswick - my temporary home while I looked for a place to crash while I finished out my senior year of high school.

The experience of turning 18 whilst living in a (in retrospect) cheap hotel across the street from a mall and sharing a parking lot with a Denny’s and IHOP is much like that time I was in the audience of the Maury Show: I’m glad I did it, and I’m glad I never have to do it again.1 As for taking my drivers test, I never had the chance to prepare by “learning to drive” anyway. I must admit, it absolutely ruled to simply not show up for a test and not get in trouble.

18 years later, I have learned to “lol” but I have not learned to drive. I did make it to 36 though, which is longer than my mom did. I would ask my father if she knew how to drive – you know, to see if we’re “even” – but he followed up his birthday text to me last week with a smiling alien from the Reddit iMessage sticker pack, so I think you and I will just have to wait until my birthday next year to circle back and touch base on that, lol.


How I ended up in both situations are both equally long stories that you’ll just have to ask me about if we ever encounter each other offline.