[extreme Staind voice] It's been awhile...

Yesterday I learned that in Metallica's Unforgiven sequel, Unforgiven 2, James A. Hetfield himself sings "Unforgiven...too." Illegal!

This morning whilst the summer sun shined upon me and my lover, I read out loud to him the track listing of the Queen of the Damned motion picture soundtrack. It was quite famously produced by the frontman of KoЯn and a keyboardist of Oingo Boingo, as well as being deemed one of the most important and influential soundtracks of all time according to iconoclast and scholar of nu metal, Jenn Schiffer. The movie starred one of my first celebrity crushes, Aaliyah. And, yes, I DuckDuckGo’d (💆‍♀️) “backwards r” this evening. I can’t begin to explain how much that soundtrack meant to me, but I can tell you I don’t remember ever actually watching the movie. Artists featured in the soundtrack included Deftones, Chester Bennington, and other greats. See also: Resident Evil original motion picture soundtrack.

Hi friends, it’s been several months, what a winding highway, every day. I hope you’re doing well and am looking forward to y’all yelling at me for unlocking a part of your brain you thought you got rid of nearly 20 years ago. Yes, 2002 was nearly 20 years ago. So, I’m trying out a new format for this newsletter, which may lead me to sending emails more often than every five (5) months. If you have suggestions of “features” let me know 👽

Jenn o’clock

“It’s my life and it’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever.” Bohn JonBovi

  • Live Laugh Blog. I’m going to try to write (not necessarily publish) every day for the month of August. Watch as I fail by saving livelaugh.blog to your web browser’s “bookmarks” or – even better – I’ll just update y’all in the next newsletter like I’ll do right now: In July, I debugged my candle making problems, reviewed the Remarkable 2, shared a dark secret, and looked cute (won’t delete).

  • Live Laugh Yawn. Catch me Tuesday mornings at 8:30 am eastern for my Twitch stream, live laugh yawn. We call it a stand up, so of course you can expect me to do all the talking, start late and run for way too long.

  • Live Laugh Webring. Shouts out to potch for hosting me every Thursday night at 8 pm eastern for our gaming stream, Property Cousins. If we don’t beat Warioware this week I might cry (for the clout). A few weeks ago, mewtru had me on her stream and I made her help me be the Matisse of XHTML. And if you like retro games, follow my partner BatlabElectronics. That’s his legal name, it’s Italian.


  • Start your next Wikipedia rabbit-hole here. “Before her death, [Jonathan] Davis and Aaliyah had planned to record a duet.” Queen of the Damned: Music from the Motion Picture

  • Cool apps you gotta love them, the cool apps. Yes, that’s a great segment name. The line of work I’m in has me looking at lots of awesome web apps, and today I want to share pet-the-loaf.glitch.me by Min Jung. All of their apps are really cute and sweet. It’s an honor to have them as part of the Glitch community.

  • Uncool apps. Opening Apple Music for the first time by accident is like watching a virus infect your machine in slow motion. I did create this segment only because this just happened to me, yes.

I hope your August goes in like a lamb and out like a nicer, cooler lamb, friends.
xoxo Jenn