Cool Mail, Jenn: a new kind of electronic mail from Jenn Schiffer

Bringing you more capital letters (for now) and (let's hope) fewer bugs in the light fixtures*.

Happy New Year and welcome to Cool Mail, Jenn. It’s the same newsletter, but with a new home, a siiick URL, and…we’ll just say any name changes are a lateral move.

Most of my joy in 2020 came from corresponding with all of you and I am working to carry over and increase that positive energy in 2021. This newsletter has had a number of names and has been on a number of platforms, but in 2021 it lives on Substack and the domain “” was available and that’s inspiring enough for me to start writing to y’all again! Sorry!

So, welcome friends – if cool mail is what you need, stick around! Maybe tell your friends if you think they’d be interested, too. If they ask what the h*ll this is all about, you can tell them the truth? Or, repeat what I just put in the description text box:

“Web developer and computer-generated influencer, Jenn Schiffer, writes electronic mail about being logged on, logged off, and the loading spinners inbetween.”

I’m excited to learn how to use an entirely new rich text editor, and to continue engaging with you all using a content management system that is Wizard of Oz’ing as an email client.


PS: Yes, the dead roach is still in the bathroom light fixture. And if this email is not enough content for you, check out my 2020 gratitude list on my (live laugh) blog.